Tradewind Finance Conducts Joint Webinar with Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On July 15, Tradewind Finance and the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) conducted a joint webinar to discuss how trade finance can equip Pakistan businesses for growth. During the discussion, Tradewind’s Peter Maerevoet, Regional CEO – Asia, and Maham Siddique, Global Marketing Director, weighed in on the importance of the financing tool for providing immediate capital to exporters and the advantages that come with the funding.

As pointed out in the webinar, one such benefit that trade finance bestows is the ability to offer longer credit terms to buyers in markets that demand them, like the United States and Europe. By giving buyers more time to pay their invoices, Pakistani exporters may increase their likelihood of cementing partnerships with large international customers.

The current trade climate has been particularly opportune for Pakistani businesses to broaden their buyer network abroad. They have stepped in and replenished goods for retailers amid supply shortages in other countries reeling from the effects of the pandemic.

The expanding role of Pakistani exporters in the global trading community has heightened the need for financing. Oftentimes though, SMEs are unable to meet the rigid requirements and regulations of traditional lending institutions. Flexible trade finance services are pivotal in supplying Pakistani exporters the footing they need to secure funding and grow internationally.

Tradewind has been providing its trade finance services to businesses in Pakistan for the past 16 years and can testify to the progress in manufacturing and trading capabilities there. Tradewind’s receivables finance solutions are a key financial enabler for growing companies to keep up with their financial obligations and invest further in their businesses.

Tradewind not only delivers cash upfront on invoices, but it also offers credit protection in the case of buyer insolvency. This way, Pakistan businesses can sell more, to more markets, more securely.

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