Tradewind Finance Celebrates 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Tradewind Finance, whose financial services have supported small and medium-sized businesses globally for two decades. It has been an honor for the company to work with their clients across industries as their trusted financial partner. In addition to a solid foundation of years in operation, the milestone signifies the company’s growth – in offices, business relationships, and capabilities.

Tradewind has most recently opened a branch in Brazil, adding to their network of more than 20 office locations on four continents. The expansion furthers the company’s presence in Latin America, where they can continue to provide much-needed trade finance to exporters and importers in a region that has lacked sufficient access to the service. Providing easier access to trade finance for exporters and importers worldwide, with on-the-ground support from their global teams, has been a priority of Tradewind’s over the years. As part of their efforts, the company will keep looking to expand into new markets where their services can be of benefit.

With a twenty-year track record serving clients with successful results, the Germany-based financial firm has become a leader in the international factoring space. In most recent years, the firm has also enhanced their supply chain financing offerings including PO and inventory finance, working with a range of prominent brands and retailers to improve their working capital as well as the working capital of their suppliers. For each tailor-made solution a client receives, creativity is at the core of the financing process. Additionally, Tradewind’s innovative spirit steers their commitment to developing new products for the evolving requirements of cross-border trade.

“Since our founding in 2000, we have supported clients through economic downturns, political discord, natural disasters, and today, the public health crisis brought on by Covid-19. In difficult periods, we are dedicated to finding ways to relieve the burden of the times for our clients. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we are supporting our clients by financing payment terms up to 180 days, as well as keeping and extending some of their credit limits even when they lost their good quality grade,” states Ansgar Hütten, Executive Director of Tradewind. The firm’s resilience and flexibility to solving cash flow problems for companies, even under challenging circumstances, are testaments to the German efficiency and creative financing techniques that Tradewind is built on.

Today, Tradewind is invested in environmental and social corporate responsibility and encourages their clients to practice sustainable behavior. The company continues to evolve with the needs of SMEs globally, while minimizing the risk associated with cross-border business. Additionally, the company’s integration of the latest technology keeps them at the forefront of international trade.

Looking ahead, Tradewind will continue their legacy of being a reliable provider of scalable, off-balance sheet funding for businesses, including those who cannot secure financing from banks. As always, client satisfaction will remain a priority of theirs. With their strong financials, both currently and historically, and their multiple global bank relationships, Tradewind is well-positioned and excited to work with new businesses to design financing that fits their needs. Tradewind is confident that their full-service suite of products, including credit protection, collection services, and financing structured in all major currencies, will continue to equip SMEs to flourish in the global marketplace.

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