DS-Concept Opens New Branch in Peru

With an export-driven economy ruled by free trade, Peru has become a leading force in Latin America, marked by rates of high growth and low inflation unrivaled in the region. To administer to the liquidity demands of Peruvian businesses and contribute to the country’s further economic success, DS-Concept has opened an office in the capital city of Lima.

Located in the extreme west of South America, Peru is one of the most dynamic countries in the world and serves as a “regional hub” for the surrounding territory as well as a source of attraction for foreign investment due to its positive economic performance. With its inauguration, DS-Concept Peru opens the doors to the Latin American market with the goal of financing foreign trade for companies in the region.

DS-Concept’s Lima location provides Peruvian companies with export and import trade finance services to help them accelerate their cash flow and increase their turnover, enabling them to offer more flexible terms to their clients, take on larger purchase orders and experience faster growth. Peruvian companies can also strengthen their capabilities overseas with DS-Concept’s collections services, ultimately allowing them to be more successful in foreign markets.

“At DS-Concept, we use our expertise in international finance and trade to provide tailored cash flow solutions that enable organizations to grow globally and overcome challenges. Our financing programs streamline the global supply chain, allowing companies to leverage their otherwise unused credit and eliminate discrepancies associated with the use of letters of credit,” states Ansgar Hütten, Executive Director of the DS-Concept Global Group.

“DS-Concept is pleased to help service the robust export market in Peru with its cash flow solutions. Just as we have facilitated growth in other regions around the world, we look forward to assisting Peruvian businesses and those in the greater Latin American region to maximize their potential in the global marketplace,” states Fabrizio Vásquez Curotto, Country Manager of DS-Concept Peru.

DS-Concept Peru will focus on financing medium-sized companies. While it serves different segments, the office in Peru primarily deals with businesses in the agro, seafood, textiles, and manufacturing industries, among others. Because of its international finance expertise and capabilities, DS-Concept can structure credit facilities for Peru-based companies supplying the USA, Europe, the UK and Asia.

DS-Concept is an international trade finance group headquartered in Germany with more than 20 global offices. DS-Concept works with SMEs worldwide to provide non-recourse factoring and supply chain financing. With over 150 employees located on 4 continents, speaking over 15 languages, our staff offers world-class customer service and truly understands global trade.

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