Klarissa Blatnik
Regional CEO Europe
As regional CEO of Europe and Turkey, I lead the region’s strategy, growth, and profitability while managing overall operations.
Klarissa Blatnik - Regional CEO Europe

I am also responsible for implementing the global commercial strategy for the group. In this role, I provide guidance on the strategic and operational directions for the commercial, account, portfolio, and business development teams.

I come from the field of International Commodity Trading. Before joining Tradewind, I served as Operations Director at Hargreaves Services in the UK where I led all activities relating to key steel accounts in Asia, including negotiating contracts and optimizing sourcing relationships. Prior to that, I held the position of Operations Director at Coeclerici Asia in Singapore where I helped oversee the Asia-Pacific coal market for the company. In addition to managing global operations, I advised on risk management and improved processes to increase profit margin.

I speak English, German, and French and hold certificates in project and quality management.

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