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Export Factoring

Export Factoring

What is Export Factoring?

Our solutions unlock capital for your business, so you can be the company you want to be.

Export Factoring

Export Factoring

What is Export Factoring?

Our solutions unlock capital for your business, so you can be the company you want to be.

Packaging Cartons

Supply Chain Finance

What is Supply Chain Finance?

We optimize cash flow for the entire supply chain to perform its best.

Who we are


We provide our clients with financing solutions that make it easier to do business. Serving clients primarily small and medium in size across a variety of product and service categories, we make it our mission to improve cash flow.


We customize financing based on your unique needs. Flexibility is at the core of our services.

Global focus

With employees across 4 continents, we bring international know-how and capabilities to the lending relationship.

Local Expertise

As a founder-led entrepreneurial company ourselves, we understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in markets around the world.

Our financing is scalable and can grow with your company.

Business growth is a top priority of our clients. We are equipped to increase funding as your sales expand.

International Trade Finance
Worldwide, 72.5% of payments are late.
0 %

We purchase your company’s invoices and advance up to 95% of the invoice amount to you upfront.

Average days until receipt of payment.

Rather than having to wait on payment from buyers, your business can stay flush with capital.

Of SMEs fail due to poor cash flow management.
0 %

Our solutions bridge the cash flow gap, allowing you to support long payment terms with your buyers and pay suppliers on-time.

No late payments

You get paid within 24-48 hours of invoice submission.

Dynamic financing

Our services are not loans so, for many companies, our financing doesn’t show up on their balance sheet as debt.

Fast and easy set-up

Our local experts comply with the regulations of each country we operate in and offer appropriate services such as currency regulation control.

Assisted financing

You have a streamlined workflow as we perform collections, dunning and bookkeeping on your behalf.

Export Factoring

solves short-term cash flow issues.

We can solve short-term cash flow issues by purchasing your company’s invoices in exchange for an advance of up to 95% of the total invoice value. We then collect the full amount from your customer upon invoice maturity. Once the invoice is paid in full, we send you the remaining balance.

Supply Chain Finance

supports facilities based on payables, receivables, and inventory.

In addition to factoring your export account receivables, we can also finance your full supply chain. Our global supply chain finance programs can support facilities based on payables, receivables, and inventory. Using purchase order funding, inventory lending, letters of credit, and structured guarantees, our financing helps align the needs of both buyers and sellers.

Centralized Payment Processing

Paperwork is simplified as payment is made to one entity while dealing with multiple suppliers.

Funding to foreign suppliers

We provide funding to foreign suppliers based on your creditworthiness and financial strength.

Flexible settlement

Your suppliers receive early payment at a lower cost as you can leverage your off-balance sheet credit.

Broader range of suppliers

You can work with smaller suppliers and contract directly with them; your available range of suppliers is broader.

Our clients

Special advantages for each type of company

High growth

High growth

Fast-growing companies need flexible financing solutions where liquidity grows with sales. We provide cash flow immediately after invoicing.


Buy and sell internationally

Financing of international sales is not offered by many banks, factoring and financing companies. We have a global network of local experts and know country-specific regulations.


Asset-light or capital-intensive

Often trading companies have few physical goods, but many orders and receivables. We use these receivables for working capital.

Bridging the cash flow gap

Strong buyer portfolio

We finance primarily based on the creditworthiness of your customers and do not screen companies according to traditional credit and risk assessment standards.

Diversity and dedication define our team.

As a global company, Tradewind is built on a diverse team with people of all backgrounds. Our employees bring dedicated focus and their experience in international trade and finance to the workplace each day.

René Pastor

Our clients come first. My years of experience in trade finance have taught me that if you think creatively, there can be a solution to even the most complex scenarios. Our clients value us for our ability to answer their unique requirements.

René Pastor
President of Global Commercial

Frequently asked questions

The cost of factoring consists of a factoring fee, a pre-financing interest rate and a limit checking fee.
The factoring fee is charged on gross sales and ranges from 0.3% to 0.75%, per month, depending on factoring sales, payment term and debtor portfolio.

The 4 most important requirements for factoring are:
  • The invoiced service or delivery of goods must be provided free of objection and in full
  • The receivables must not be assigned or encumbered with third-party rights
  • Receivables terms between 14 and 120 days
  • Positive credit assessment of the factoring company and its debtors

In so-called genuine factoring (or also known as full-service factoring), the receivables are transferred to Tradewind and Tradewind assumes the full default risk (del credere risk). The supplier is only liable for the legal status of the transferred receivables.

Basically, nothing changes for your customer. You merely inform your customer of the new account details, so the only thing that changes is the bank account to which they have to pay. Your customers will continue to discuss questions about goods and services with you.

Tradewind can offer professional receivables management with the highest level of reliability through its global network. Open invoices are efficiently realized from the written reminder to the telephone call with the debtors.

Let’s get in touch.

Find the right trade finance solution that is tailored to your company’s needs.

Initial discussion & quotation

Together with you, we determine your needs and find a customized solution.

We process your application in close cooperation to determine the general details. On this basis, we submit an offer to you.

Provision of documents

In many cases, all we need for the application are the last annual financial statements, the business analysis of the current fiscal year and an open item list.

After clarification of all issues, submission of final due diligence documents and contract signing takes place.


In the future, you ship the goods to the customer and collect the shipping documents. You will transmit your invoices and shipping documents to us and receive a payment of up to 95% of the invoice amount each time after documents are verified. We will transfer the difference after we receive the payment from the customer.

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