Tradewind finances companies around the globe selling mostly tangible goods. We have extensive knowledge in a multitude of industries and fund across all methods of payment including financing sales made on open account, letter of credit and documentary collections.

Tradewind Finances

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Traders
  • Branded companies
  • Distributors
  • Importers & Exporters
  • Farmers & Processors
  • And others

Industries Served

Type of Clients


For most fast-growth companies, bank financing will not only be limited but also limiting. Factoring and trade finance provides on-going support with no ceiling or cap.

Buying & Selling Internationally

Most other factoring and finance companies, and even many banks, will not offer financing on international sales. Tradewind can replace or supplement your existing financing arrangements.

Financially Stressed or Impaired

In today’s economy, banks’ and traditional lenders’ credit and underwriting standards have become increasingly stringent and unrealistic. Tradewind can be your flexible alternative.

Asset-Light and/or Capital Intensive

Trading companies often lack tangible assets but have large purchase orders and receivables. Tradewind leverages these receivables for working capital needed to optimize marketplace opportunities.

Typical Deal Parameters

  • Annual revenue: $5MM to 500MM+ and, in some cases, we can also consider working with smaller companies
  • Minimum invoices: $5,000
  • Cross-border sales/purchases
  • Trade in tangible goods
  • Payment method: open account, D/P, CAD, D/A, and sight and usance L/Cs