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About Tradewind

For years, we have been successfully serving clients based in or entering the Netherlands for years and are excited to expand our services there. We welcome you to stop by our office to discuss your unique financial goals and how we can help support them.

Tradewind is a global trade finance company that specializes in both international and domestic factoring as well as supplier finance programs for importers, exporters, and other innovative businesses based around the world. With headquarters in Mönchengladbach, Germany, a local presence in the Netherlands, and a greater network of offices on 4 continents, we provide our clients with tailor-made financial solutions that improve cash flow, mitigate trade risk, and facilitate international growth.

Our Clients






Benefits of Tradewind

International Capabilities

  • Offices in 12 countries on 4 continents and a presence here in the Netherlands
  • Local market insights and on-the-ground support
  • Multicultural team fluent in over 10 languages
  • We provide liquidity to enterprises trading internationally and in multiple currencies; we finance on assets

Unrivaled reputation

  • Headquartered in Germany
  • Over 23 years of market experience
  • Solid reputation for our services and international capabilities
  • We finance hundreds of companies all over the world
  • Our Clients are our best ambassadors and most important asset

Trade Finance Solutions

  • Innovative solutions designed based on your individual needs and location
  • Financing on invoices/export sales to buyers in most markets, including UAE, China, and Hong Kong
  • We finance you even if you don’t qualify for traditional bank services
  • We offer credit limits higher than $10M and can fund LCs

How we work

Export factoring is a relatively simple tool that allows you to accelerate your cash flow and bridge the payment gap with customers. First, you’ll need to generate an invoice for your customer, which you’ll then submit to Tradewind. After verifying the invoice, Tradewind advances you up to 95% of the invoice amount in cash within 24-48 hours. When the invoice comes due, Tradewind collects payment from your customer and supplies you with the balance of the invoice at that time (5% in the case of a 95% advance on your receivables).

Contact us by Phone or e-mail

We will advise you and assess the viability of the case based on the Buyer portfolio

Details of shortlisted buyers are entered into a Limit Application Form provided by us

Term sheet is issued to you containing Terms and Conditions

On-boarding process: Credit and compliance due diligence conducted before final approvals; we collect your KYC and security documents; and Financials for 2 years & Receivables Ageing are assessed.

NOA is sent to each Buyer

Funding process begins: You submit PO, invoice, and applicable shipping documents to Tradewind. Once documents are verified and found in good order, we advance you funds based on the invoice amount. Upon invoice maturity, Buyer remits funds to Tradewind. Reserve amount (less dilutions/chargebacks) is then credited to you.

Manage your factoring activities with our dedicated customer portal, Tradewind+

Some of the countries we work with

Let’s Partner Together

We partner with private equity companies, accountants, other finance companies, banks, advisors, global credit insurers, and brokers. Together, we’ll make sure your client is in good hands with the capital requirements they need to flourish.

We specialize in Trade Finance Solutions and we are happy to provide them.

We’ll reach out to you and welcome you to stop by our office or feel free to contact us. Our team would be more than happy to provide information on our services.

Interested in a presentation about the benefits of our Trade Finance Solutions for your clients?

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