Ansgar Hütten
Executive Director
I co-founded Tradewind in 2000 and currently serve as the Executive Director of the Tradewind Global Group, where I oversee the firm’s global network of more than 20 offices and affiliates.
Ansgar Hutten

An attorney at law, I am a graduate of Universität Bonn, in Germany, where I obtained a master’s degree in international law.

Before co-founding Tradewind, I spent eight years as an attorney at law for major international law firms in Germany and The Netherlands servicing financial institutions and banks. Since starting Tradewind, I have established the company’s global brand across four continents while keeping the growing firm in line with its mission of providing tailored trade finance solutions in new and innovative ways.

I am fluent in German, English, Dutch and Spanish.

Our Global Office Trade Finance - Mönchengladbach, Germany



Flughafenstraße 83,
41066 Mönchengladbach

Diversity and dedication define our team.

As a global company, Tradewind is built on a diverse team with people of all backgrounds. Our employees bring dedicated focus and their experience in international trade and finance to the workplace each day.