Tradewind and the Metals Industry

Tradewind works with a variety of companies that specializes in metal commodities. Our financial solutions
provide quick, convenient access to capital, allowing companies to optimize their operations and achieve growth.
Flexibility is at the core of our services: we are able to customize financing based on a business’s unique
requirements. Through our solutions that bridge the cash flow gap, long payment terms can be established with
buyers while paying suppliers on-time.

Founded in 2000, we maintain a network of offces all over the world. Combining financing, credit protection, and
collections into a single suite of trade finance products, Tradewind brings collateral-free and best-in-class services
to the world’s exporters and importers.

Learn more about the success stories of our metal clients below.

Aluminum Alloy Ingot Trading Company Pursues Growth by Accessing Faster, Scalable Cash Flow

An aluminum alloy ingot trader based in Europe was seeking additional liquidity to be able to increase its trading volumes and better manage the challenges affecting the industry, like energy price hikes. It required a fast turnaround with decision making and funding that could be upsized as demand and sales grew.
Tradewind provided a EUR 200,000 credit facility to the metals company which sped up its cash flow and helped drive its business growth. The facility amount can also be scaled up as the company’s invoices increase. Flexibility, speed of decision-making and aluminum industry knowledge made Tradewind the trader’s preferred financial partner.

Sustainable Producer of Silicon Metal Trades Smoothly and Securely Using Factoring Solution

A silicon metal producer that is at the forefront of sustainable innovation in the industry was looking to maximize its growth potential. As a company that deals in cross-border trade, it was also focused on mitigating the risk and uncertainties associated with international business transactions.
Tradewind purchased the receivables of the company and advanced the bulk of the invoice amounts upfront, eliminating the waiting time for payment that can be part of today’s commercial transactions. The custom financing package from Tradewind provided USD 18 million in funding for the silicon producer and included credit protection, giving it the cash flow and security to do business smoothly.

With Compliance Factors to Consider, Turkish Copper Producer Requires Flexible Financial Partner

When looking for capital sources, the copper producer based in Turkey had several compliance factors to consider, which had made clearing the way for funding a challenge for them and their other financing partners.
Determined to find a financial arrangement that worked, senior management from Tradewind’s Turkey office assessed the situation and diligently explored what could be done. The team successfully arrived at a custom export finance solution for the client that equipped them with additional liquidity while staying in line with their company’s policies.