Tradewind Finance Presents at All India Plastics Manufacturers’ Association’s MSME Financial Conclave 2021

At the close of last year, Tradewind Finance sponsored and presented at the All India Plastics Manufacturers’ Association’s (AIPMA) MSME Financial Conclave 2021. The international conference held in Kolkata, India was hosted by AIPMA and served to promote the financial products and services available to the plastics sector.

Pulkit Kapil, Senior Vice President – Business Development of Tradewind India, spoke at the event. He discussed the landscape of India’s exports, trends in the global plastic industry and challenges the industry is facing. He also explained how factoring works and the benefits of this type of alternative financing for plastic processors and exporters in the region, particularly for the MSME segment.

In India’s fast-growing plastic industry, small and medium-sized businesses play a sizable role. Of the approximate 30,000 processing units used for the material, most classify as MSMEs. Billions of dollars in plastic exports flow out of the country yearly, from plates to packaging supplies.

With a firm grip on the plastics market, Indian processors and exporters dealing in the plastics trade can improve and grow their operations with the help of international factoring. Using this practical financing technique, Tradewind purchases a business’ receivables and accelerates cash flow to them before payment is due from the buyer. This expedited funding gives a company the financial leverage to run their business smoothly and pursue expansion, with added credit protection benefits in case a buyer defaults. What’s more, a company does not need to provide collateral to receive financing from Tradewind, part of what makes it more accessible than traditional borrowing.

With a presence in India, Tradewind is committed to deepening its role in the Indian market by providing tailor-made financing to the plastic industry and beyond.

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