Tradewind Finance Provides Funding for an Aluminum Alloy Ingot Trading Company

Today, lightweight materials are becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry. Used in cars, for instance, they make for a lighter vehicle that requires less fuel to accelerate, thus reducing carbon emissions and the harmful impact to the environment.

For years, Tradewind Finance has supported companies that deal in metal commodities – including lighter weight metal alloys that can be used in manufacturing – unlocking working capital for them by turning their receivables into cash. Most recently, it has partnered with an aluminum alloy ingot trading company in Europe to optimize the trader’s cash flow and help drive their business growth.

In the arrangement, Tradewind has provided a EUR 200,000 credit facility to the aluminum alloy ingots trader, which the metals company is using to increase their trading volumes and better manage the challenges affecting the industry, like energy price hikes. The company chose Tradewind because of its flexibility, speed of decision making, and aluminum industry knowledge. The facility is expected to reach EUR 800,000 by the end of the second quarter.

The aluminum alloy ingot market is growing at a CAGR of 8% at present to 2030, due in large part to increased demand from the construction and automotive industries. In addition to the sustainability benefits of the lightweight metal, another driver of its growth is the preference by consumers to carry things that are not too heavy, making the alloy an effective manufacturing component.

With demand on the rise, companies in this metals category can face mounting working capital demands, like those related to filling orders, managing payrolls, and other overhead costs. By expediting cash flow to a client, and by offering scalable funding that can be upsized as a client’s sales grow, Tradewind brings a convenient source of capital to its customers and can ease the cash pressure brought on by higher demand.

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