Tradewind Finance Reaches Over $35 Million in Funded Sales in First Half of 2022 for Americas Region

The team around René Pastor, who is now six months into his new role as CEO of the Americas division at Tradewind Finance, has worked hard providing capital to innovative businesses in the US, Latin America, and other markets around the globe. For the first half of 2022, Tradewind is delighted to share that the Americas team has completed 12 financing transactions amounting to over $35 million in revolving facilities.

Here is a snapshot of what they’ve accomplished to date:

    • $5M for an international aviation group offering ACMI leasing of its aircrafts to large international logistics providers
    • $3M for a Paraguay-based bathroom hardware manufacturer
    • $2M for a Hong Kong-based distributor of garments to US and European buyers
    • $9M for a Swiss metals trader
    • $6M for a US-based auto exporter
    • $2.25M for a Dutch agricultural trading company
    • $2.5M for a canned seafood company based in Miami
    • $1.5M for a Miami-based importer and distributor of frozen seafood
    • $350k for a newly-opened US sales office of a well-established furniture Turkish company
    • $1M for a sustainable crab importer in the US
    • $500K for a lumber exporter based in Brazil
    • $1.6M for Paraguay-based garment manufacturer

From aviation to agriculture, Tradewind serves a vast range of industries and can offer different brackets of funding to businesses seeking to improve their cash flow. Looking ahead, the team plans to sustain this growth momentum with new and existing clients in the upcoming months.

Thank you to our partners, brokers, and the whole team for making the first half of the year a success.

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