DS-Concept Partners with Global Commerce Education

DS-Concept has teamed up with Global Commerce Education, a training and capacity building company that helps businesses enter new markets faster and with less risk. The partnership combines cross-border trade finance solutions with market entry know-how so that SMEs are poised for success as they expand their reach.

In a world that embraces both tradition and innovation, businesses are tasked with the challenge of finding the right balance between the two when targeting a new audience. Through GCE’s program, the G2 Experience, companies work with experts on their market entry strategy, receive cross-cultural coaching and are introduced to vetted trusted advisors. They are immersed in the market and participate in “on the ground” activities and visits to learn how to tailor their business decision-making based on local culture and business practices. Programs vary in scope from exploratory to implementation but all include activities such as “Understanding the Customer” workshops, expert panels, communication and presentation training, and networking with industry players, service providers and potential clients.

The pairing of DS-Concept and GCE waxes beneficial for SMEs worldwide. Along with GCE’s strategy, cultural and marketing expertise, DS-Concept, a recognized leader in trade finance, brings its international capabilities to the partnership. It assists businesses charter new territory with cash flow solutions, collections, and credit insurance. While GCE enhances the success rate of companies by helping them be prepared for their target export market, DS-Concept provides financing for SMEs with little to no assets who have trouble securing funding from banks.

Together, DS-Concept and Global Commerce Education do not just prepare companies to enter new markets—they position them to thrive there.

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