Tradewind Finance Partners with CESMAD Slovakia

Tradewind Finance is pleased to announce its partnership with CESMAD Slovakia, an association made up of road transport operators in the Slovak Republic. Through the partnership, CESMAD’s members, many of whom carry out international road transport, may gain enhanced access to cross-border funding. The additional liquidity will enable members to conduct international exchanges smoothly and securely and will also allow them to invest in the working capital requirements that their businesses demand.

Tradewind ( was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Mönchengladbach, Germany. With beginnings in financing the Turkish textile trade, the firm has grown exponentially since. Today, it maintains a network of offices in 12 countries around the world and provides export and import financing to businesses in a variety of industries that trade internationally. The partnership with CESMAD Slovakia strengthens the firm’s commitment to providing personalized financial support to its clients that facilitates global trade.

Through its international export factoring services, Tradewind purchases a client’s receivables and advances them the majority of the invoice amount upfront, eliminating any waiting period for payment. These tailor-made solutions also include credit protection secured via a globally well-known insurer, adding a layer of security to cross-border business for its clients. Tradewind also offers a simple, easy application process.

As the road transport sector evolves and experiences new triumphs and challenges, export factoring services from Tradewind guarantee cash flow to pursue growth and run business seamlessly, whether that be through the transition to electric trucks or ensuring pay for employees.

Tradewind would like to thank CESMAD Slovakia for the opportunity to collaborate. Together, the two organizations aim to make business easier for local road transport operators who are instrumental contributors to the overall EU economy.

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