Meet Dickson Au, Regional CEO – Far East

From practicing time management strategies, to acting with integrity, to fitting in healthy habits like jogging, Dickson Au, Regional CEO – Far East, is leading with intention, setting ambitious yet realistic goals while motivating his team to perform their best. 

What do you owe your success to as Regional CEO – Far East?

There are a few things that have enabled me to be successful in my leadership role. First, I have developed, and continue to hone, a deep understanding of the market and industry trends. This allows me to make informed decisions and steer the company in the right direction. To me, effective communication with team members and motivating them to perform at their best have also been important pieces of successful leadership.

From my experience, being open to change and embracing innovative ideas and emerging trends are key to staying competitive in the market. In addition, I value building strong relationships with strategic partners, stakeholders, and industry peers, and leverage these networks to form alliances and partnerships, as well as to explore new business opportunities and stay updated on industry trends.

Lastly, I focus on execution, setting ambitious but realistic goals. For me, I’ve found it effective to establish performance metrics for the teams accountable for delivering outcomes, and continuously monitor progress, taking corrective actions when necessary.

What economic trends do you see in China and Hong Kong? How can trade finance help exporters in the region?


China has been making efforts to rebalance its economy by reducing its reliance on exports and investment-driven growth. The focus has been shifting towards boosting domestic consumption, driven by rising incomes, urbanization, and an expanding middle class.

China has been actively pursuing technological advancements and innovation. It has seen significant growth in areas such as e-commerce, fintech, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy. The government has launched initiatives like “Made in China 2025” and “Internet Plus” to promote high-tech industries.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a massive infrastructure development project aimed at enhancing connectivity and trade between China and countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, and beyond.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong has long been recognized as a leading global financial center. It serves as a gateway between mainland China and international markets, providing services such as banking, asset management, and capital markets. The Greater Bay Area (GBA) initiative aims to integrate Hong Kong, Macau, and several other cities in Guangdong Province into an integrated economic and business hub.

Hong Kong has been working on diversifying its economy beyond financial services. It has been fostering innovation and technology, creative industries, and high-value-added sectors.

As an expert in export factoring and experienced financier in the region, Tradewind can help exporters in Hong Kong and China to mitigate their buyers’ credit risk and enhance the efficiency of their cash flow, so that they can capitalize on the business opportunities arising from the market trends taking place.

How do you balance the hard work of a CEO role with other aspects of your life? Are there any daily routines that you follow?

Here are some things that help me achieve balance while serving in my leadership role:

  1. I try to identify the most critical tasks and focus my energy and time on them. I delegate non-essential tasks to capable team members, which allows me to free up some time and avoid becoming overwhelmed.
  2. I practice effective time management, prioritizing critical and important tasks, setting plans, and allocating specific time slots for completion.
  3. Exercising through gym workouts, jogging, swimming, etc. about three times a week and ensuring proper nutrition and sufficient sleep help me to stay relaxed, unwind and recharge.
  4. Attending worship every Sunday and relieving all stresses through prayer is also very important to me.

What is some of the best advice you have received that guides you in your CEO role?

Acting with integrity, upholding ethical standards, being honest and transparent, and demonstrating consistency in words and actions all build trust with teammates, stakeholders, and customers.

Active listening and effective communication with teammates, customers, and stakeholders help ensure that goals, expectations, and strategic direction are effectively communicated.

Finally, continuously seek knowledge, stay abreast of industry trends, and attend relevant conferences or workshops, which enhance leadership skills and support professional growth.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

Making a positive impact on the organization, teammates, customers, and the community; supporting my teammates’ professional and personal growth; and solving complex challenges are what I consider most rewarding in my role.

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