Tradewind Middle East Limited and Verity Solutions LLC Team Up to Optimize Trade

Tradewind Middle East Limited, a firm regulated by the DFSA, an international trade financing firm, is pleased to announce its active partnership with Verity Solutions LLC, a fintech that connects and facilitates trade around the world through its blockchain-powered trade platform. The partnership will increase access to working capital for importers and exporters globally while aiming to make trading transactions more convenient.

One year into the partnership, the two companies have jointly served clients in different industries, with other funding programs slated for the future. Tradewind, which unlocks capital for businesses by turning their unpaid receivables into cash, and Verity with their proprietary blockchain platform are working to help companies enhance their working capital and grow their business.

“We are excited to work together with Verity to expand trade financing for growing companies which will help them scale their businesses and operations allowing them to be able to grow their portfolio using secure blockchain technology,” Eric Jacob, Global Marketing Director of Tradewind, said.

Verity Solution’s CEO, Rupin Kumar, said, “Tradewind is a truly global financial service provider operating in 12 countries. This partnership with Tradewind will allow Verity’s customer-base access to trade finance products (factoring) and solutions to unlock working capital for business growth.”

Creating partnerships like this is part of Tradewind’s mission of fostering a robust network who together can boost liquidity for businesses worldwide and improve global trade.

About Tradewind Middle East Limited:

Founded in 2000, Tradewind Finance maintains a network of over 20 offices worldwide. Combining financing, credit protection, and collections into a single suite of trade finance products, Tradewind brings streamlined, flexible, and best-in-class services to the world’s exporters and importers.

About Verity Solutions LLC:

Verity Solutions is a Fintech comprising of a world-class team that uses global banking and trade finance experience as well as cutting-edge blockchain technology to develop solutions in trade finance, accounting and bookkeeping services across industries and services.

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