Tradewind Finance Speaks at Tenth Commercial Factoring Expertise Committee of China (CFEC) Summit Panel

In February 2023, Tradewind Finance delivered an in-depth speech at the Tenth Commercial Factoring Expertise Committee of China (CFEC) Summit on the future path of the international factoring industry.

The annual conference, organized by CFEC, brought together high-ranking government officials and representatives from major players in the commercial factoring industry. Peter Mulroy, Secretary General of FCI, the global representative body for factoring and the financing of open account domestic and international trade receivables, shared unique insights about the industry’s development and outlook in China. More than 500 participants from financial institutions and relevant sectors all over the country took part in the event.

As part of the panel on “Explore development space in factoring industry: model and path of international factoring” on February 21st, Tradewind Finance, as an experienced and leading player in the industry, was invited to deliver a speech that explained how international factoring helped local small and medium-sized enterprises overcome pain points and grow securely.

Dickson Au, Regional CEO – Far East, at Tradewind Hong Kong, focused primarily on the importance of invoice discounting for exporters and stated during the panel: “As most exporters are still in the process of recovering from the massive disruption caused by COVID-19, extended payment terms and limited funding sources have become major challenges. For companies suffering from funding source bias, we develop flexible unsecured and non-collateral financing solutions to meet their needs. Through working with Tradewind, a reliable alternative finance provider with a solid 23-year record in trade finance, companies can release cash tied up in their accounts receivable efficiently and reduce trade risk.”

About Tradewind Finance

Founded in 2000, Tradewind Finance maintains a network of offices all over the world, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Hong Kong SAR, Hungary, India, Pakistan, Peru, Turkey, UAE, and the USA as well as the headquarters in Germany. Combining financing, credit protection, and collections into a single suite of trade finance products, Tradewind brings streamlined, flexible, and best-in-class services to the world’s exporters and importers.

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