Tradewind Finance Hosts Referral Event in New Delhi, India

Tradewind Finance’s India division was pleased to host a close-knit gathering in New Delhi on February 17 to thank and connect with their fellow business partners in the area. Guests included financial consultants, investors, accountants, brokers, credit insurers and those from rising FinTech firms.

The event, called “India Referral Meet – New Delhi”, gave peers with touchpoints to the trade finance industry the chance to exchange market insights and build their networks. Smiles were also let loose.

One of the insights discussed at the event was that small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, at times lack information on the financial products available to them outside of traditional bank loans, leaving tools like export finance out of reach. Tradewind, which offers this cash flow solution to Indian and other global exporters, aims to close this disconnect as an alternative finance provider with the support of their referral network.


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