Success Stories at Tradewind in 2022

As announced earlier this year, Tradewind Finance completed USD 1 billion in funding globally in the first five months of 2022, with projections to reach additional funding amounts of more than USD 3 billion by the year end.

Throughout the past twelve months, several cases of this funding momentum involved existing customers who were looking to upsize their financing facilities. Tradewind was prepared to address their ongoing liquidity needs by offering them scalable cash flow solutions, which are designed to expand funds as the client’s sales grow.

From a clothing manufacturer in Pakistan whose facility was increased tenfold to a Turkish aluminum exporter that saw their facility number doubled in the short span of seven months, Tradewind supplied flexible working capital that enabled businesses to sustain growth and stay competitive. Being able to offer longer payment terms to buyers was especially important to clients who received additional funding.

“In my six years at Tradewind, the most rewarding thing for me is to grow together with our clients and make them profitable, and make them grow internationally through scalable cash flow solutions. That is why I am proud to share five typical client success stories with you,” Peter Maerevoet, Global CFO and Regional CEO for Asia at Tradewind Finance, commented.


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