Tradewind Finance Attends Hong Kong Apparel Society 20th Anniversary Ceremony

In June 2022, the Hong Kong Apparel Society hosted its 20th anniversary ceremony. Tradewind Finance, an experienced trade finance service provider, participated in the event with other members and industry leaders.

Hon. Chairman Felix Chung, APIFS Research Director Dr. Mark Lee, and Under Secretary for Commerce & Econ Dev Dr. CHAN Pak Li, Bernard, JP, introduced the apparel industry’s history of development and innovation at the ceremony. Even in the wake of COVID-19, innovation remains a priority of many brands.

The apparel industry is a vital sector of Hong Kong manufacturing. In fact, Tradewind Finance provides export factoring services to several Hong Kong-based garment traders. Despite the uncertainty that persists in international trade due to the pandemic, the tailor-made cash flow solutions from Tradewind Finance enables its clients to achieve business growth.

Tradewind Finance Attends Seminar on “Challenges and Prospects for the Electronics Industry in 2022-2023”

In June 2022, the seminar on “Challenges and Prospects for the Electronics Industry in 2022-2023” was held by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and the Hong Kong Electronics Industry Council. Tradewind Finance was pleased to be part of the occasion.

Topics discussed during the event included supply chain dynamics of the global semiconductor industry, logistics supply chain and cargo risk transfer solutions, and ways for SMEs to effectively manage credit risk. Though the electronics industry has been largely affected by the epidemic, its perseverance has allowed it to continue successfully.

Credit insurance is a useful tool for SMEs to reduce credit risk in international trade. As part of the customized funding solutions Tradewind Finance provides, credit insurance enables companies to grow business with greater certainty. Working with several major credit insurance companies across the world, Tradewind Finance provides credit insurance in most countries.

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