Tradewind Bangladesh attends the Sustainable Apparel Forum in Dhaka

Tradewind Finance recently attended the Sustainable Apparel Forum in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The event promoted sustainability in Bangladesh’s apparel and textile industry, which is the foundation of its economy.

The event, now in its third year, brought together hundreds of policy makers, industry leaders, and brands from across the fashion supply chain. Bangladesh Apparel Exchange Ltd. (BAE) organized the event in partnership with the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturing & Exporters Association (BGMEA).

At the event, a variety of topics related to sustainability were discussed, including climate action, Environmental Social & Governance (ESG), green finance, purchasing practices, due diligence, and ways to build a sustainable apparel ecosystem.

Tradewind is strongly aligned with the apparel and textile sector in Bangladesh, which is the world’s second largest apparel exporter and an industry favorite for sourcing garments and fabrics. With a local office in the country and a team of on-the-ground trade finance specialists, Tradewind is deeply familiar with the garment trade, which was the company’s main focus over 20 years ago and remains a key sector for its financial services to this day.

A commitment to ESG measures is also a part of the company’s vision. Clients who adhere to its eco-friendly policies will receive incentives as part of the company’s sustainability protocols.


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