Tradewind Finance Announces USD 1 Million Export Factoring Facility for Smart Security Equipment Manufacturer in China

An export factoring facility in the amount of USD 1 million was provided by Tradewind Finance to a manufacturer of smart security equipment in Guangdong. Funds will be utilized to optimize the company’s working capital for raw material purchase and export to Europe and South America.


The company has created a one-stop-shop for smart security products for major global general merchandise stores over its 10 years of product research, development, manufacturing, and sales. Previously, the manufacturer had relied on traditional bank financing solutions, such as loans, to carry out its business operations. R&D and production centers in Hong Kong and Guangdong were funded as well. Despite global trade uncertainty, the company maintained a profitable position and good customer relationships during the pandemic.


The funding bottleneck emerged, however, as overseas buyers increased the volume of their purchases. By way of recommendations, Tradewind was introduced to the company, and Tradewind was able to meet the company’s financing requirement. Through USD 1 million in funding, the company improved its cash flow and was able to purchase raw materials and take larger orders.


“The client appreciated the advantages of export factoring and requested a customized financing solution from us. Tradewind’s non-recourse international export factoring service, which includes financing and credit protection, enabled the client to minimize foreign trade risks and increase the scale of international orders. We look forward to continuing to support the client in the long term as well,” said Andy Zeng, Vice President of Sales at Tradewind China.


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