Tradewind Finance presents at the Fintech Middle East Summit 2022

Tradewind Finance recently participated in and sponsored the Fintech Middle East Summit 2022, a virtual event where fintech, finance, and consulting professionals discussed how technology is transforming the financial sector.

Maham Siddique, Director of Global Marketing at Tradewind, discussed the use of technology to handle trade challenges during the pandemic. A theme of her keynote presentation, “The Pursuit of A Common Goal: Facilitating Greater Financial Access Through Experience And Collaboration,” focused on the benefits of digitizing trade documents and worldwide workflow, while still relying on the human element of finance experts to guide business transactions.

As part of the presentation, alternative financing was also highlighted as a means to support the financial needs of SMEs. Tradewind is a leading provider of this type of nonbank lending, which provides businesses with increased liquidity while reducing trading risk through credit protection.

According to Ms. Siddique, greater collaboration between fintechs and established financiers could better equip SMEs to conduct trade securely and efficiently. Her expectation is that an enhanced digital infrastructure will lessen the trade financing gap.

Among the topics discussed were “How AI & Machine Learning Can Transform Banking and Finance”, “Future of Banking,” “Islamic Finance,” and “Cybersecurity in Fintech.”

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