Leading Garment and Textile Manufacturer in Pakistan Receives USD 1 Million Credit Facility from Tradewind Finance

Tradewind Finance has provided USD 1 million worth of funding for a leading Pakistan-based manufacturer that sells clothing essentials and textile products to global brands including Amazon, BestSeller & Stitchd. The funding will enable the fashion basics purveyor to add cash flow to its business while giving buyers, in a move that would satisfy their requests, longer windows to pay their invoices.


The rapidly growing company, whose exports are bound mainly for Europe and the United States, had been drained of liquidity from rising shipping costs. It also faced economic challenges at home, including gas shortages and a weakening currency.


Coveted by buyers for its inventory management system, the garment producer sought a financial partner that could equip it with immediate capital so it could stay competitive and continue to expand. Tradewind, which specializes in the purchase of receivables and provides cash upfront to its clients in exchange, stood out because it delivers funding within a couple of days of invoice submission. The firm was also referred to the company by an existing client of Tradewind’s who was pleased with its services.


The added capital from Tradewind positioned the garment seller to attract new customers by offering them open account payment terms, as well as retain the business of those it already had working relationships with under these same extended terms. In addition, Tradewind offered the company credit protection on its receivables, which contributed to its peace of mind by ensuring cash flow even if a customer became insolvent.


“Tradewind is happy to be a part of our client’s growth story as they reach new heights of success in Pakistan and the global marketplace. With our flexible cash flow solutions and international capabilities, the client received the tailored support they needed to achieve their business goals,” Fatima Nissa, Senior Business Development Manager for Tradewind Pakistan, said.


Tradewind Finance maintains a network of offices all over the world, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Hong Kong SAR, Hungary, Iceland, India, Pakistan, Peru, Turkey, UAE, and USA as well as the headquarters in Germany. Combining financing, credit protection, and collections into a single suite of trade finance products, Tradewind brings streamlined, flexible and best-in-class services to the world’s exporters and importers.

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