Tradewind Finance and Finamco Enter Partnership to Enhance Factoring Services for Businesses in Colombia and Greater Latin America

Financial solutions firms Tradewind Finance and Finamco have announced a new partnership to improve factoring services for businesses in Colombia and the surrounding region. The two companies, which specialize in international factoring, a funding technique that converts receivables into capital, will combine their expertise in trade finance and their local and global networks to ensure accessible, effective, and premier financing for Colombian and other Latin American enterprises.

Through the partnership, Tradewind, with headquarters in Germany, intends to solidify its presence as a reliable alternative lender in Latin America, long an underserved region in terms of trade finance access. As the region continues to present opportunities for growth in manufacturing, as well as exports and imports, Tradewind will remain committed to supporting businesses there with world-class, comprehensive cash flow solutions that include funding, collections services and credit protection.

As Tradewind’s local partner, Finamco, utilizing its robust digital capacities, will be integral to assisting with receivables management for Tradewind’s client relationships in and outside of Colombia. The Bogotá-Miami-based firm will also provide business information and other strategic insights on the local market.

Together, the two firms will increase the efficiency of the factoring process for Colombian and other Latin American clients and ensure liquidity for them while reducing trade risk.

“We are excited to partner with Finamco to improve working capital and trade transactions for clients in Colombia and other Latin American countries through mutual factoring support. Our combined efforts will give clients the comfort and assurance that they have a team of dedicated trade finance specialists in their corner, on both a local level and global one,” states René Pastor, President, Global Commercial of Tradewind Finance.

“It is a pleasure to collaborate with Tradewind on such a significant initiative that will distribute more capital to Colombian SMEs and other LatAm businesses. Our innovative technologies, cash flow management competencies, and local recognition in the business community here will be a valuable complement to Tradewind’s services as well as the international coverage it can offer to our Colombian exporter client base,” comments Joaquin J. Krijgsman for Finamco.

Tradewind Finance is a financial solutions provider that offers export factoring and supply chain finance. With over 20 offices globally, Tradewind brings streamlined, flexible, and best-in-class services to the world’s exporters and importers.

Finamco, with offices in in Bogotá, Cali, and Miami, serves SMEs and large corporations with factoring and Supply Chain Finance Marketplace services, financing the purchases, inventories and sales of its clients.

To learn more about factoring services for your business, please contact Tradewind Finance at or Finamco at

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