Tradewind Finance Presents at SME Manufacturers and Exporters Summit 2022 in Rajkot, India

Tradewind Finance proudly sponsored the SME Manufacturers and Exporters Summit held in Rajkot, India on February 5, its third consecutive year as sponsor for the event. Representatives from the firm took part in the day’s activities, with Tradewind’s Peter Maerevoet, Global CFO and Regional CEO-Asia, presenting virtually from Dubai on Gujarat’s impressive trade status and on Tradewind’s role as an integral capital source to Indian businesses. Four representatives from Tradewind’s India branch were also in attendance and added to the day’s dialogue on export factoring.

The event, organized and hosted by the SME Chamber of India, brought together manufacturers, exporters, bankers, industry associations and chambers, and government officials and authorities. A host of topics were covered, including initiatives for the development of MSMEs, the role of Indian banks in the growth process of the SME sector, credit risk insurance, and trade finance and the challenges and opportunities associated with this form of financing.

Rajkot, a city in Gujarat, is home to a variety of industries such as engineering goods, auto components, yarn and textiles, ceramic tiles, plastics, and solar energy, to name a few sectors. During his presentation, Maerevoet highlighted the contrast between the ongoing global issues, such as factory setbacks in other export hubs due to the pandemic, with the phenomenal growth that Gujarat has shown in the realm of trade. He also spoke about the features and benefits of export factoring and the crucial role that Tradewind has been playing in India as an alternative finance provider, contributing to the growth stories of Indian businesses.

In its position as an alternative lender, Tradewind supplies collateral-free funding to businesses and deploys its international capabilities like credit protection and overseas collection services to support companies in their global trade ambitions. At the event, Tradewind stood out to exporters who have buyers located in the USA and Europe because of the firm’s reputation as an established lender with a presence in those markets, among others.

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