Tradewind announces USD 1.9 Million Export Factoring Facility for Garment Exporter in Guangdong, China

10th December, 2021 Shanghai, China


International invoice financing solutions provider Tradewind Finance announced a USD 1.9 million export factoring facility for a garment manufacturer and exporter based in Guangdong, China. The new facility will be used to support the company’s existing sales activities to the United States and United Kingdom, and new trade relationships in the Middle East.


The company provides complete end-to-end solutions to several globally known fast fashion groups, including original design support and white labeling services. Typically the company would be able to realize their payments in 90 days. Despite supply-chain shocks in the recent year, the company managed capital deployment effectively through existing traditional lending sources. However, extended payment terms could potentially impede the company’s ability to cater to a potential surge in demand for orders from both new and existing buyers. The factoring facility offered by Tradewind allows for the company to enjoy accelerated cash flows by monetizing on their accounts receivables to cover their operational expenses and facilitate new orders.


Andy Zeng, Vice President of Sales – Tradewind China, said: “China remains at the heart of the global garment manufacturing industry. As an alternative lender with a proven track record of over two decades, Tradewind is able to cater to a variety of financing requirements by providing dedicated customer service and quick-turnaround, customized solutions. We remain committed to providing Chinese manufacturers with financing solutions that will help them gain the edge against their competition, while reducing dependency on traditional, asset-backed borrowings.”


About Tradewind Finance


Founded in 2000, Tradewind Finance maintains a network of offices all over the world, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Hong Kong SAR, Hungary, Iceland, India, Pakistan, Peru, Turkey, UAE, and the USA as well as the headquarters in Germany. Combining financing, credit protection, and collections into a single suite of trade finance products, Tradewind brings streamlined, flexible, and best-in-class services to the world’s exporters and importers.

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