How Tradewind Stands Out from Other International Trade Finance Companies

In today’s crowded global marketplace, there is an overabundance of export companies for buyers to choose from. This saturation of the market gives potential buyers the upper hand when selecting suppliers to work with. Thus, exporters must provide buyers with something their competitors can’t. While the business of exporting can be tricky, international trade finance companies can provide suppliers with the competitive edge they are desperately seeking.

Attracting International Buyers

Large international buyers are picking exporters that best align with their short and long-term business goals, making it imperative for suppliers to come to the table prepared with the best formula for success. The most beneficial tool available to exporters is their willingness to allow open account payment terms. Although some may balk at the suggestion, more than 80 percent of global trade is now conducted through open account terms according to the World Trade Organization.

To mitigate some of the risk linked with such terms, trade finance firms such as Tradewind offer solutions such as export factoring. This allows suppliers the ability to extend open account terms, positioning themselves to attract bigger buyers and larger orders.

Partnering with An Industry Leader

Before choosing an export factoring partner, you must first have a basic knowledge of what export factoring is. A factor company such as Tradewind purchases your company’s accounts receivable. They then advance you up to 95% of the total invoice value. Once the buyer pays the factor the full amount of the mature invoice, the company then sends you the remaining balance.

It is imperative to choose a trade finance partner that will grow with you as your business grows. For example, Tradewind’s flexible funding accommodates your cash flow needs as your sales increase. Other differentiators setting Tradewind apart include:

  • Funding made within 24-48 hours of invoice submission
  • Collection services
  • Credit services
  • Selective invoicing
  • Financing even if you don’t qualify for traditional bank services

Tradewind offers innovative international cash flow solutions designed for global clients. The majority of other trade finance companies and even most financial institutions do not provide funding for international sales. Tradewind may supersede or supplement your existing financing arrangements. With a primary focus on the small and mid-market, their main services include non-recourse factoring and supply chain finance. They have honed expertise in international finance by maintaining a web of offices around the globe including the USA, India, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Iceland, Hungary, Peru and headquarters in Germany.

Types of clients Tradewind works with:

Fast-Growth – For most companies with rapid growth, bank financing is not only limited but also limiting. Trade finance and factoring allow for ongoing support with no ceiling or cap.

Financially Stressed or Impaired – Traditional lenders’ and banks’ underwriting and credit criteria have become more stringent and unrealistic. Tradewind can offer flexible alternatives.

Capital Intensive or Asset-Light – Often trading companies lack real assets, but have large receivables or purchase orders. Tradewind converts these receivables into cash for the working capital required to maximize marketplace opportunities.

When stepping into the global marketplace, you want to be prepared to beat the competition. By partnering with an international trade finance company such as Tradewind you are giving yourself an edge over competitors. You will have the ability to offer the terms large buyers are looking for without putting yourself or your company at risk.

Final Thoughts

Tradewind can finance your full supply chain, in addition to factoring your export accounts receivable. They use risk mitigation and financing methods geared to optimize the management of working capital and liquidity in the supply chain. These methods include receivables financing and funding to foreign suppliers based on your creditworthiness and financial strength. They also support off-balance sheet inventory arrangements.

Tradewind can be your one-stop solution for all your international trade finance needs. Coupling financing, credit protection, and collections into a single trade finance facility, Tradewind provides streamlined, flexible and best-in-class services. Consult with them today for more information on how to expand your business to a global audience.

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