Why is Financing Through Tradewind Better Than Other Financing Companies?

As a business owner, you must have access to the funds you need to keep your company going. It is essential to your daily operations and overall success. To ensure you have access to quality financing options, including supply chain financing, you need to establish a strong relationship with a reputable financing company. Tradewind Finance stands out from other international trade finance companies and is among the best factoring companies out there.


Checking with all the different supply chain finance companies can seem overwhelming. However, making sure you partner with the right one is essential to successfully securing capital—funds needed to keep your employees and suppliers happy and your business up and running. Tradewind Finance stands out from the competition in many ways.


How Does Tradewind Stand Out?


Tradewind, a leading international trade finance company, combines 19 years of dedicated experience in trade finance with a modus operandi of German efficiency. As part of their financing arrangements, Tradewind oversees all bookkeeping and collections for you. Their team of professionals works to ensure you have peace of mind, especially when doing business overseas.


When you sign on with Tradewind for your financial needs, you get a dedicated point-of-contact who will assist you with all the different aspects of your account and the unique demands of your situation. With a convenient, state-of-the-art online system, you can access up-to-date detailed information about your account at any hour, night or day, seven days a week.


Getting Your Tradewind Account Set Up and Ready


When you contact Tradewind, you can expect a quick turnaround to set up your account. Funding is usually provided anywhere from 24 hours to 48 hours from the date of submission, but in some cases, funding arrives faster.


Contract periods are flexible, and there aren’t any hidden fees. And, regardless of your industry, you can get the help you need because the organization has a team of personnel with knowledge in apparel, seafood, textile, food, chemicals, automobile, electronics, and many other fields.


Trade Finance That Is Specifically Designed for Your Business


Offering innovative solutions that are customized to meet your needs, Tradewind adapts solutions to fit the requirements of the country in which their client is based. They also adapt financing arrangements based upon specific products, specific customers, and for the payment terms that are set up with your business partners. Their scalable funding grows with your business, helping you take your operations to the next level and meet your growth expectations.


Even if you don’t qualify for traditional bank services, you can still be eligible for financing from Tradewind. They have a primary focus on leveraging the credit of your clients or base it on your entire supply chain. Also, you can get significantly higher financing access than you would get from your bank. Founder-led, the entrepreneurial financial company understands the needs of small and mid-sized operations around the world and can meet the demands of different clients.


Convenient Locations Offering Easy Access


With offices on four continents and spread throughout 13 countries, Tradewind has become known for having international capabilities of an unrivaled level. The organization specializes in cross-border transactions as well as finance and trade anywhere in the world for sales made on open account, D/A, D/P, and CAD, as well as sight and usance L/Cs.


Also, local market insights and on-the-ground support are provided by teams consisting of regional experts. The group includes multicultural leaders who are fluent in 15 languages and serve clients in more than 30 different countries. Financing occurs in most major currencies, and 100% credit protection is provided, covering the risk of non-payment due to insolvency in most countries.


To learn more about how Tradewind Finance can help your business with its financing, call one of their locations or complete the online contact form on their website. An experienced supply chain finance expert will be in touch, so you can learn how you can benefit from their available services.

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