Tradewind Closes $6 Million Export Factoring Facility for Seafood Processor and Exporter Based in China

Tradewind has announced the closing of a $6 million export factoring facility for a reputable seafood processor and exporter based in China. The company sells to large wholesalers and distributors located around the world and is directing Tradewind’s funding towards operating expenses and the fulfillment of orders. With the facility in place, the company is better positioned to explore new markets and to better face the risk of additional trade tariffs.

While the seafood processor had experienced significant growth in profitability and trade volume in 2017, liquidity remained limited: more than 80% of its balance sheet was comprised of accounts receivable and inventory, with cash flow strained by a long turnover time. After investing in a new project whose maturity date was longer than expected and that depleted funds for production, the company faced a liquidity gap and turned to Tradewind for help.

Tradewind was able to remedy the shortage in cash by purchasing the company’s accounts receivable and funding it upon delivery to the company’s buyers. As the seafood processor continues to grow, Tradewind is able to scale its funding in line with sales. With Tradewind’s assistance, the company is expected to fill the liquidity gap within a couple of months.

“We are pleased to provide financing for another client in our expanding seafood portfolio. Our financing has enabled the client to execute a strategy to minimize foreseeable trade tariffs and complete orders on time while exploring new territories. Tradewind’s global services can benefit more companies of this kind by reducing financial pressure and optimizing the operation procedure in a changing international trade environment,” states Jason Wang, VP of Sales for the Tradewind Shanghai office.

Tradewind provides innovative international cash flow solutions tailored for global clients. Focused on the mid-market, its core products are non-recourse factoring and supply chain finance. The group has built an unrivaled reputation for the depth of its international finance expertise by maintaining a network of offices around the world including the USA, China, India, Hong Kong, UAE, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iceland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Peru and its headquarters in Germany. Combining financing, credit protection, and collections into a single trade finance facility, Tradewind offers streamlined, flexible and best-in-class services.

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