Tradewind Announces Trade Finance Facility for Dynamic Apparel Manufacturer in Turkey

Tradewind has provided a € 3 million facility to a recently opened ready-made garment manufacturer in Turkey. The company exports to Spain and the Netherlands and sells to well-known brands such as ITX and Mango. With Tradewind’s facility in place, the fledgling manufacturer is able to allocate working capital to its higher business goals, such as entering the US market and investing in new technologies.

The client sought out Tradewind to remedy the low liquidity it faced after purchasing its raw materials in cash and since there is a lag of 90 to 111 days until the company collects money. Tradewind proved to be the best international financing solution to readily provide post-shipment financing for open account sales on 90 day terms in the client’s local currency.

“Tradewind was pleased to assist our client in its efforts to scale up their business. Our ability to tailor to their unique international needs was highly effective in freeing up their cash flow so they can focus on other priorities,” says Arzu Celik, Vice President of Business Development at Tradewind Turkey.

Tradewind is an international trade finance group headquartered in Germany with over 20 global offices. Tradewind works with low to mid-market companies worldwide to provide non-recourse factoring and supply chain financing. With over 150 employees located in 12 countries, speaking over 15 languages, our staff offers world class customer service and truly understands global trade.

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