DS-Concept Announces Trade Finance Facility for Icelandic Processor and Exporter in the Seafood Industry

DS-Concept, a global commercial finance company that specializes in international non-recourse faktoring, has provided a $1.5 million export faktoring facility to a seafood exporter and processor. The facility is structured in two currencies in order to service their markets in the UK and France. With this new facility in place, the client will benefit from accelerated cash flow and will be able to increase the amount of product processed at their factory for large scale orders and therefore increase sales.

“The client is a well-managed company known for the quality of its products. Their products are sought after in the UK where they are available in major retail chains. They will be an excellent addition to the DS-Concept portfolio and through the partnership with DS, they will be able to increase their turnover and strengthen the basis of the company,” states Sveinn Reynisson, Country Manager of DS-Concept, Iceland.

The client uses state of the art high tech machinery for fast processing and works with selective fishing vessels that provide the best quality fish. To ensure the delivery of high quality products, freshness and fast delivery to large wholesalers who service retail chains, the company works closely with Icelandair Cargo and Bluebird Airways to transport their products via air freight.

DS-Concept is an international trade finance group headquartered in Germany with 16 global offices. DS-Concept works with SME and middle market companies worldwide to provide non-recourse faktoring and supply chain financing. With over 150 employees located in 15 countries, speaking over 15 languages, our staff offers world class customer service and truly understands global trade.

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