DS-Concept Adds Los Angeles to Growing Global Network

Manufacturing’s pivot East in recent decades has opened up new opportunities for DS-Concept across the globe, but more recently we have registered demand to open up an office in Los Angeles to allow domestic clients to expand overseas and for foreign businesses to operate with ease in the US.

The manufacturing industry’s rapid growth in California has been one of the main drivers of the state’s growth, with $149.79bn in manufactured goods exported in 2014, more than 11% of the state’s total output. A large portion, more than $63bn was with the US free-trade agreement (FTA) partners.

With almost 96% of exporters in California being small businesses, DS-Concept is uniquely placed to help them attain the working capital they require to expand into leading players in their industry.

An increasing number of our clients are either headquartered on the west coast or have begun to establish offices or subsidiaries in order to serve both the US and neighbouring markets.

Emerging and overseas markets across the globe have been some of the fastest growing economies over the past few decades. Living and working in a global supply chain has meant that US-headquartered companies have had to broaden their horizons both to import goods manufactured overseas and also to export to foreign markets in order to achieve their growth potential.

DS-Concept’s industry experience, vast contact base and global reach has meant that we are a leader in helping US-grown firms in attaining their goals of expanding overseas, whether it is by offering them accounts receivable financing to boost working capital or even for purchase order financing once a relationship has been established.

Our new Los Angeles office has put us closer to our West Coast clients than ever before. With so many existing clients using California as an entry point to the biggest consumer market in the world, we are now logistically better positioned to service foreign firms’ satellite offices. Los Angeles also puts us closer to the Far East than we have ever been within the US, also allowing us to work closer with many clients’ headquarters.

The DS-Concept Group maintains a network of offices and affiliates all over the world, including the US, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Spain, the UK, China and the United Arab Emirates as well as the headquarters in Germany. Combining credit protection, collections and financing into a single suite of trade finance products, DS-Concept brings streamlined, flexible and best-in-class services to the world’s exporters.

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