Tradewind Co-Sponsors TXF New York 2018 Event and Moderates Panel

TXF New York event on trade, treasury, and supply chain finance

Tradewind was front and center at this year’s TXF New York: Transformative Trade, Treasury, & Supply Chain Finance event that was held at Convene Midtown in New York City on September 13. The event, which was co-sponsored by Tradewind, brought together treasurers, risk managers, supply chain specialists, bankers, lawyers, and insurers and covered new developments emerging across trade finance in technology, working capital optimization, regulation, risk mitigation, sustainability, and cash management. John Stillwaggon, CEO of the Tradewind USA division, took the stage and moderated a panel on “Transformative Tech: Disrupting Trade Finance Through Big Data, AI, & Blockchain.”

TXF New York panel on technology impact on trade such as blockchain

As its name suggests, the panel delved into the topic of how technology is revolutionizing trade finance from its standing as a once conservative sector, hitting on buzz-worthy digital disruptors like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data. Mr. Stillwaggon guided dialogue that addressed how these technological innovations have changed trade and supply chain finance by making processes simpler, faster, more efficient and more secure, while acknowledging this new phase of trade finance is still in its infancy and filled with unknowns and, hence, standards too early for some to adopt. Fundamental questions were tackled such as, “How much cooperation will we see between entities from the tech and finance sectors in this transformed space?,” and panelists shared how corporates and financiers can introduce these new technologies and stay relevant in the current trade climate.

Industry professionals who were gathered at TXF New York 2018 offered up their experiences with finance, technology, and service providers, and in turn gained insights on where the market stands, where it is moving and how to engage with the modern landscape of trade.

TXF New York trade finance event that Tradewind co-sponsored along with HSBC, citi, and Santander