DS-Concept Hosts Joint Lunch Seminar with Euler Hermes in Reykjavík, Iceland

Trade finance and insurance professionals gathered at seminar with Euler Hermes to discuss cash flow solutions

DS-Concept and credit insurer Euler Hermes joined forces and hosted a lunch seminar on October 19 at the Ocean Cluster in Reykjavík, Iceland. The two entities presented trade finance solutions and credit insurance options to an audience of wholesalers, retailers, traders, processors, and farmers in the seafood industry.

At the event, DS-Concept shared its expertise on export factoring, supply chain finance, post-shipment vendor finance, inventory and procurement finance within the seafood sector. It outlined the benefits of such financing and illustrated its ability to tailor cash flow options for its clients.

Industry experts gathered at lunch seminar with Euler Hermes to discuss financing for seafood industry

The venue, the Ocean Cluster, is a hub for the marine industry and was a perfect spot for the participants to network, brainstorm, and exchange ideas tailored to the fish marketplace.

DS-Concept has been a leading provider of financing to the seafood industry for the past decade. We offer streamlined services combining credit protection, financing, and collections into a single trade finance facility and can structure facilities in multiple currencies if needed.

We provide assistance with local experts from the seafood and logistic industries and have on-site staff operating in the local language and time zone. Our international network is valuable to our customers who benefit from our local experts when entering new markets. Find out more about our trade finance services by visiting ds-concept.net.

Leaders in trade finance and credit insurance sitting down to lunch at seminar with Euler Hermes