DS-Concept Changes Name to Tradewind and Expands Services

Mönchengladbach, Germany (May 2, 2018) – DS-Concept, a global provider of trade finance solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, has changed its name to Tradewind. The firm, a recognized leader in international export factoring, decided on the change in order to illustrate its prominent role in financing cross-border transactions, which resemble trade winds on the globe. Like the conductive climate its namesake’s currents provide for trade, Tradewind propels commerce worldwide, with its network of more than 20 offices on 4 continents.

Along with its growing presence in markets around the world, Tradewind, a privately owned company, is expanding its services. In addition to non-recourse export factoring, it will offer inventory, ABL and structured trade facilities and will place more focus on its supply chain finance programs.

The move comes at a time when supply chain financing is emerging as a turnkey solution in the way business transactions are conducted. In an age of advanced digital infrastructures, such as blockchain, that make the payment process more secure and automated, Tradewind’s integration of the latest technologies will keep it at the forefront of international trade finance.

Along with the new offerings, Tradewind remains dedicated to tailoring flexible deal structures for its clients, combining non-recourse export factoring with full supply chain finance and other solutions as seen fit. Customers will benefit from Tradewind’s ability to accommodate a range of deal sizes at more competitive prices, and the company, more than ever, is positioned to cater to larger-scale financing needs.

In 2017, Tradewind opened offices in Iceland, India and Peru, a nod to its global reach and ability to outfit SMEs with the resources they need to thrive in influential markets. It is mobilizing to enter additional territories rich in potential, such as other Latin American countries, and will continue to service its clients with the same international expertise and on-the-ground support in place in its existing territories.

The firm has a strong legacy of providing easier access to funding than banks, as well as scalable and off-balance sheet financing, and will sustain this functionality under the Tradewind name while aiming to enhance client satisfaction. Its full-service suite of products, including credit protection, collection services, and financing structured in all major currencies, gives SMEs the tools they need to compete in the global marketplace.

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