Corporate Responsibility

At Tradewind, we make it an utmost priority to invest in socially responsible efforts, so our business can ensure an equitable workplace for our employees and contribute to a more sustainable world, both now and for the future. As such, we extend this priority to those we choose to partner with, including clients and other affiliates. It is our hope that our partnerships make a collective impact on how business is conducted globally, with the aim to protect the well-being of people and the planet itself.

To help uphold our environmental and social responsibility standards, Tradewind has developed a list of exclusion criteria that is used to assess new business applications. These guidelines support a selection process that bans activities that are harmful to society or the environment. We reject all business relationships with companies involved in the following activities:

  • Child labor
  • Forced labor or modern slavery
  • Production of or trade in weapons or munitions
  • Pornography and prostitution

This is not an exhaustive list. You can find the full Tradewind Excluded Activities List below. Tradewind will not finance or work with companies whose activities, products, distributions, business or trade is mentioned in this list.

Tradewind Excluded Activities List